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The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is organizing a road trip on August 20 when the museum's Shop Tour Series visits the Brownsburg, Indiana, drag racing museum and its store, the Don Schumacher Drag Racing Museum. The museum, which is filled with racing cars from the last 100 years, is part of a visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the first of its kind in Indiana.

In addition, White River State Park is just outside downtown Indianapolis and offers a plethora of separate attractions for residents and families. Apartments are available in the newly built 19th century village that showcases Indiana's past through interactive exhibits, and Brownsburg, a vacation destination for families with children, offers a variety of family activities, including hiking, canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, fishing and more.

Check out Viator's reviews and photos from across Indiana and see more than 20 gifts in our 2020 Christmas Gift Guide. Eagle Creek Bark Park is at the top of our list of 302 activities in Indianapolis, and there is a competition to find a brand new home in Brownsburg. Do something in Bloomington, check out our list of top activities and check out the 20 best places to see in Indiana. This handmade Indiana wall pendant can be found in Norelu, Lizton and Indiana, but we will use the app and find it for you by searching for Brownsburg activities and local Brownburg events.

According to TripAdvisor travelers, some of the best outdoor activities in Brownsburg are "Escape to the Room in Indy," "Acres of Enchanted Forest" and "See all outdoor activities in Brownburg, Indiana" on TripAdvisor. Visit Indy for attractions, and there are 5 free activities for kids in Indianapolis, not far from downtown. Do a Child - Friendly Things in Indiana, see our list of child-friendly things to do in and around Indianapolis on Do TripAdvisor's PS Children's Things.

If you're looking for a great conventional place to stay in Indianapolis, you should visit the Indianapolis Museum of Natural History, the Indiana State Museum or just explore the monuments and counties. A visit to the world's largest children's museum is therefore a must, and if you have children, you should definitely spend a day at the Children's Museum (if not in another city). If there is one attraction in Indy you can visit with your kids, it's definitely worth visiting. Don't miss the chance to see the giant water clock, ride the vintage carousel and look like you're traveling to Indianapolis with your kids.

Indiana State Museum attractions include exhibitions and galleries dedicated to the science, history, art and culture that make Indiana unique. Popular attractions include the Indiana Museum of Natural History, the Children's Museum and the Indianapolis Zoo. Although located in Indianapolis, it also supports a number of sponsored sites in other parts of the state, such as the National Park Service. Visit the Museum Historic Sites page to learn more about supporting places as you travel from place to place.

There are certainly some great local attractions in Indianapolis, but there is also a great variety of museums in Brownsburg and other parts of the state.

Visit the National Art Museum of Sport for a piece of fun with all the things you can do, or learn about the best places to visit Brownsburg for free events and activities. See if you can browse this month's Indianapolis calendar for some of the most interesting events, free things, and fun places in the city. A great place for kids to have some fun in and around Indianapolis and a good place to see and enjoy.

There is also something for little ant children to do, and there is a well-checked gift shop with a wide selection of items for children and adults. When you travel to Indianapolis with your family, your children will be entertained with fascinating and interactive exhibits. Learn everything you can do as a child in South India, from making sweets to crafts and activities for the kids in Brownsburg.

All exhibits at the Brownsburg Museum of Art and History and many other Indianapolis museums are free on MLK Day.

The Tuff Shed in Indianapolis serves the entire Indianapolis, Indiana, including Brownsburg, Indianapolis County and the Indianapolis Metropolitan School District. Fischer Homes built the Indianapolis school district, including the public schools of the University of Indianapolis and Indianapolis, as well as many other schools and hospitals.

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